Photron Stedy 450 Tripod Review and Best Buy

photron stedy 450 review

A tripod is a bare minimum for people who take photography seriously. A tripod helps you in various ways to give you that perfect shot you’re after. A perfect pan is almost impossible without a tripod in videography. Even if you’re shooting with a smartphone a tripod will come in handy for steady footage.

Photron Tripod Stedy 450

Out of hundreds of tripods available on Amazon, I decided to go for The Photron Tripod Stedy 450. This looked promising for me because this one was the bestseller even defeating the one from Amazon basics. I also read a few customer reviews and I saw most of them were quite satisfied.

The product took about 5 days to reach my doorsteps. The package was about 20cmx20cmx60cm (approximate). The product itself was covered with the “Free pouch” that came with it.

Photron stedy 450 bubble levelPhotron stedy 450 handle

The tripod feels very light in the hands. I tried placing it on different floors. It seems to be quite sturdy although it feels week. Operating it is very easy too. There is nothing complicated about this tripod. This is one is very handy if you buy a mobile phone holder with this tripod, As it will help you very much. It includes a bubble leveling meter. Although I did not find that feature very useful, It might be quite handy to a lot of users. The tripod is not Super-Smooth but considering its price it’s above perfect. I used it for various shots and really love what it has to offer. Since the tripod is very light weight, I’m able to do way more than what its supposed to do. A carry bag is also included with this product(It’s quite cheap quality btw).

Photron stedy 450 review

The Photron Stedy 450 reaches 4.5 feet high and it’s easily convertible. You can get it set up from the bag in about 20 seconds.

If you’re looking for an entry level tripod The Photron Stedy 450 is the Best there is. If you’re a professional, You’ll still find this useful (Maybe not as much).

Photron Stedy 450

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